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A Couple’s Decision to DIY their Home Renovation

September 24, 2017

Do you feel excited when:
1. You’ve collected your new nest key?
2. You’re discussing your interior design of your new place?
3. You’re shopping around for your furniture and fittings at megastore?

But at the same time, do you have these feelings?
1. Haiz, it’s really expensive for a house of this size” – when you first step into your new nest
2. “Sian.. it’s really a huge sum involved” – when you turn to the last page of the renovation quotation,
3. OrhKay, let’s look at other models”, when you flip the price tag of the furniture…

Well, we go through the same feelings and process as most people nowadays. However, we dealt with it differently with our BIG house. For that reason, we are delighted to be invited by Renonation.sg to pen down our house transformation experience and share with you!!