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Our New Trane Heating and Air Conditioning Installation

February 20, 2017

Las Year we had an HVAC technician out to our home 4 times to make repairs to our AC. Each time the problem was different and for the most part it was not too expensive to fix. Fortunately we got through October before the compressor finally went out.
We bought our home about 4 years ago. In that time we have been lucky enough to have made no major repairs. So when the AC went out we were shocked at the cost to replace it.
We had 3 bids come in from $9,000 to $12,000. We were ready to take the lowest of those when we did a search online for the new air conditioning installers. To say the least, we are glad we did. We got bids that were much lower for the same brands offered before.
For us we had considered 3 brands, Amana, Lennox and Trane. In realty we thought Lennox was what we were going to go for. It was about $300 less than Trane and $200 more than Amana. With our second child heading off to school next year, every penny counts.

Lennox vs Trane

What sold us on the Trane was the man was our neighbor. About 5 years ago he installed a new Lennox. While we were having troubles with our AC so was he. His air conditioner was still under warranty but he was complete disappointed in how they were handling his repair.

Sometimes his AC wouldn’t work. Other times it was fine. He said it was like this for about 2 weeks and he had it looked at twice in that time. Neither time could they find the problem. Then the AC quit working all together. Over the 4th of July and for the week that followed he had no AC. All total, he thinks he was without air for 10 days.
The company that did the install and the warranty repair had told him that they were waiting for approval from Lennox to replace the part.
To spite of the extra expense, we had a Trane installed and we are very happy with the price. The install came with a 10 year parts warranty and a 3 year labor warranty. We spent just over $6700 and got a 4.9% interest rate for 7 years. While the company was doing the install they found duct leaks and fixed those too, at no charge.
Though I am not happy about the surprise expense, we are very pleased with the deal we got on the installation of the Trane Heating and Air Conditioner.